Sunday, November 25, 2012

Multi-Player Snake And Ladder Game using Java

A bit of fun using java to build a snake and ladder game. We are given the position of the snakes and the ladder. Initialize the board by setting the 4 arrays - snakestart, snakeend, ladderstart, ladderend. Once it is set, then input the total number of players (N). Initialize a score array of integer[N]. In a round-robin fashion starting with user 1 to user N, throw a dice. This is nothing but generating a random number between 1-12. The value obtained is added to the score[i]. If the score results in a ladder or snake, get the position from ladderEnd or snakeEnd. To check if the score is a ladder or snake, do a binary search on snakeStart and ladderStart. If the total reaches 100, declare the winner :)


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  1. Hi Raju ..nice and simple program. But can you please tell me how the cell is matched to the cell number? Meaning the cell is a square with some area and how a dice moves into that cell and it's number is calculated? Is the board HTML? does the coin move along the cells? Can you please explain a bit more? Thank you!